Science has invented many things for the benefit of human kind. The world is full of the inventions of science and things, which have made people’s life easier. Solar panel is one of those inventions of science, which have proven to be most useful. There are many under-developing or small countries, which are facing power failure. Those countries that do not have any problem of power failure have high electricity bills. Solar panel is the best option for them all. Solar panel is a system, which save sunlight and convert it into electricity. These systems are a little big high priced but people who are running big industries and those who are facing power failures know the importance of solar power system.

Solar power systems have solar panels and these panels attract sunlight and heat and convert it into electric power. Technologists have come up with a new idea about solar panel. They are known as manufacturing Sunpowe flexible solar panels. They panels are flexible as their name, not just that these panel are very lightweight. Because of these qualities, people can take them to anywhere and put them in any place.  They are best for camping, and for emergencies. These panels can be used for aircrafts, watercrafts, caravans, and other vehicles to provide electric power. These panels are best for those places where there is limited place and weight can be a problem. The work ability of these panels have improved with time.

Mostly solar panels, which are being found on the roofs, are made of silicon but they cannot bend or curve. It is not a good idea to try to bend these panels. Only flexible panels can be bending and curve and not all silicon panels are flexible. The manufacturers are mostly using thin PV material but some panels are thinner than the other is. The bending power of these panels depends on their fineness.  The thin solar panel can be made into flexible solar panel but 7% percent of film panels are being created on glass or other stiff substance to keep them firm. There is very small portion of panels which are flexible.

Types of Flexible Solar Cells

There are two types of flexible solar cells amorphous silicon and Copper Indium Gallium Selenide, or CIGS cells.  Manufacturers are still busy to come up with other solar cells.

Amorphous silicon panels are being produced by a thin of silicon material, which gets vapor-deposited on material such as glass and metal. Amorphous silicon is being deposited by low temperature. Single cell layers can be ruined because of little sunlight.

Copper Indium Gallium Selenide panels are being made with the combination of four materials. These panels have improved their work in last some years. Copper is not dangerous but other three material used in these panels can be very poisonous.

If you are planning to buy the panel, you can go for ETFE flexible solar panels for boats. It is the best flexible solar panel present in the market at the moment. With its power 30W – 50W – 60W – 80W -100W – 120W – 140W it is not good for just boats, it is also best for RVs and cabins.

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